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my Village-Grill STORY



Experience the taste of MyVillage-Grill fillet Beef, Chicken,Goat Suya or grilled Fish, prepared with our favorite tropical spices, herbs and seasonings, garnished with cut spring onions, tomatoes,carrots,cucumber, red, green and yellow bell peppers, chillies and olive oil.

Our dishes are served with a variety of unique sides, like rice, boiled, roasted or fried plantains, boiled or fried yam, potato fries with vegetables, salads and various hot or mild sauces (Obe ata dindin).

Our seasoning simply enhances the flavor and will not take away from the natural delicious taste.

Our Story

Village-Grill is the nostalgic reminder of our love for traditional gourmet cooking style that brings our families together.


With the help of our team of food enthusiast, we follow our passion at Village-Grill to serve our communities and bring smiles to our customers as they enjoy our exciting unique types of cuisines.

Available choices of grilled Beef, Fish, Suya, Liver, Kidney served with potato fries, plantains (Dodo), or fried Yam (Dundun), or a choice of Asun (stir fried Goat meat), Isi-Ewu (Goat head) ,Nkwobi (Cow Foot) or the Catfish Pepper soup served with various herbs, spices and sauces to our American, Asian, African or Caribbean friends, the amazement and smiles on their faces is priceless.


We love the impression and feeling our unique meals gives as nothing beats the joy, love and togetherness food brings to people.


These emotions has encouraged us to develop new recipes and take the African taste and varieties to another level in a modern and contemporary setting.



Welcome to the taste of diversity!!!

MyVillage-Grill Dishes Gallery

MyVillage-Grill Sauces, Herbs & Spices

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